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First, everyone at Mid-Sioux would like to thank you for visiting our website. We are extremely proud of what we do, and couldn't be more excited to work with the wonderful community members that help us in providing our excellent programs and services.

Mid-Sioux accepts donations in all shapes and sizes. If you have time or supplies on hand, we invite you to contact your nearest Outreach Office so that we can further assist you. Of course, life doesn't always offer us extra time, so for everyone that appreciates the simplicity and convenience of monetary donations, we have built an easy-to-use donation system below.


First Name  _______________________________________

Last Name ________________________________________

Address __________________________________________


Please allocate my gift to:
___ Use at Mid-Sioux's Discretion
___ Outreach Local Fund                 County________________
___ Outreach Crisis Services          County________________
___ Family Development & Self-Sufficiency
___ Child Care Resource & Referral
___ Child & Adult Care Food Program
___ Women-Infants-Children
___ Maternal Health
___ Child Health
___ Head Start
___ Early Head Start
___ Child Develpment Center
___ Weatherization
___ Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program

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Thank you for your donation to Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc.