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Head Start, Early Head Start and the Child Development Center is a free federally funded early childhood program serving pregnant women and children up to five years old and their families.  Our program offers comprehensive services through home and center-based options for low-income children and families throughout the five counties. These services include education, family engagement, disabilities, health and nutrition. Our services and resources are designed to foster stable family relationships, enhance children’s well-being, and prepare children and families for kindergarten.

The following information identifies the early childhood programs and their locations that Mid-Sioux has to offer.

Home-based option:  A Family Advocate completes weekly home visits in the child’s home and provides individualized learning opportunities. In addition to the home learning environment, socialization is offered two times per month.

Center-based option:  Education and child development services are delivered in a classroom setting. Children attend four or five days per week. Full and part-day options available. Contact Mid-Sioux Opportunity Head Start, Early Head Start and the Child Development Center for more information, 712-786-2001 or 800-859-2025.


What are the Benefits of Early Childhood Programs?

  • The programs are free for pregnant women and children under the age of 5
  • Your child will be more prepared for kindergarten and excited to learn
  • Enhances child’s cognitive, social and emotional development through center and home-based services
  • Safe and nurturing learning environments that promote children’s growth in language, literacy and social and emotional development
  • Offers nutritious meals at the centers and nutritional activities for home-based
  • Dedicated qualified staff in early childhood
  • Offers health screens, referrals and resources, including prenatal education
  • Family engagement opportunities such has socializations, parent meetings and connecting families with referrals and resources



What is Required for Program Eligibility?

Mid-Sioux Opportunity is an equal opportunity provider. Ninety percent of children enrolled are at or below 130% poverty guidelines. Ten percent of the enrollment opportunities are made available to children with disabilities or high needs whose income exceeds the 130% poverty guidelines. Mid-Sioux Head Start, Early Head Start & the Child Development Center programs must not deny placement on the basis of disability or its severity to any child when:

  1. The parents wish to enroll the child.
  2. The child meets the Mid-Sioux Head Start, Early Head Start & the Child Development Center age and eligibility criteria.
  3. Mid-Sioux Head Start, Early Head Start & the Child Development Center program is an appropriate placement according to the child’s IEP or IFSP, and
  4. The program has space to enroll more children, even though the program has made ten percent of its enrollment opportunities available to children with disabilities. In that case, children who have a disability would compete for the available enrollment opportunities.

Eligibility is based on:

  • AGE:
    Early Head Start:  Pregnant mothers and children under the age of three.
    Head Start/Child Development Center:  Children 3 or 4 by the date used to determine eligibility for Public School located in the community.
    Head Start, Early Head Start & Child Development Center:  at or below 130% of poverty guidelines. 
    Must have current IEP/IFSP showing documentation of Mid-Sioux Head Start, Early Head Start & the Child Development Center as appropriate placement.
    Home and family situation showing that child and family are in need of preschool services.



Apply now for Head Start, Early Head Start, Child Development Center

What is Required to Apply for Services?

  • 12 months proof of income (such as: income tax, W-2s or proof of FIP, SSI or Foster Care)
  • Child's birth certificate or proof of birth (such as: birth certificate, newspaper clipping, etc.)
  • Child's Medicaid or insurance information (if available)


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A Word from Parents

  • “Thank you to the teachers because they have become an important part of our lives!”
  • “I am very grateful to the program because they helped my son get used to a school environment. Mainly grateful for the teachers who had so much patience and for everything my son learned. Thank you for following and maintaining these types of programs. They are a great help to many families, and we are lucky to be one of them!”
  • “Head Start has the most loving and fantastic teachers! They teach social skills and basic academics with so much creativity making learning fun! I can't express enough how thankful I am to these wonderful teachers and staff!!
  • “The Early Head Start program has really helped my son learn his shapes and different motor skills. The Family Advocate has given my children and I different activities that we can do together as a family!”
  • “I am very grateful as a single mother to have found the Early Head Start program, or more importantly, my Family Advocate! Not only has my family’s worker strengthened our family, but she has been very caring and supportive!”

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Mission Statement

Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc.
Helping People. Changing Lives.

Head Start, Early Head Start
To partner through quality education, health care and social services by empowering children and families to achieve success and maximize their full potential now and in the future.