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I-Smile™ is a statewide program that connects children and families with dental, medical, and community resources to ensure a lifetime of health and wellness.

Not only does your child’s smile affect his self-esteem, but a healthy mouth is also critical for speaking clearly and eating food to help their body grow. Children who have pain from tooth decay (cavities), may also be distracted from learning. Parents can help children begin life with healthy habits – brushing teeth twice a day, using toothpaste with fluoride, limiting sugary food and drinks, and making regular dental visits a priority as soon as teeth begin to erupt.


How do Children in Iowa Benefit from I-Smile™?

A Registered Dental Hygienist works as the I-Smile™ & I-Smile™@School Coordinator to provide the following services:
  • Preventive Dental Services
  • Dental Screenings
  • Fluoride Varnish
  • Dental Sealants
  • Oral Health Education
  • Community Outreach
  • Follow-up Care to improve dental access
  • Care Coordination to help ensure dental access, including transportation and translation assistance
  • Partnerships with local medical and dental providers to help provide referral sources that provide a care centered treatment for the child



What is required for Program Eligibility?

I-Smile@School is for all students at school with 40% low & reduced rate lunch level.


What documentation is required to apply for Services?

I-Smile@School is for all students at school with 40% low & reduced rate lunch level.

Call 712-707-9868 or 1-800-859-2025 for appointments.



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