June 2022 Volume 32; Issue 9

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From the Executive Director's Desk

June is the last month of the state fiscal year. The legislature has adjourned and the Governor is reviewing bills to determine if she will sign them or not. Iowa’s Governor has veto power over a number of legislative actions. I believe Governor Reynolds will sign most of the bills brought to her desk.

Head Start classrooms are closed for the summer. We had a very successful school year. Thanks to the staff for their hard work.

Gasoline prices are on everyone’s mind these days. With prices close to $5/gallon, the impact is being felt by everyone. High prices will most definitely cause many of us to change our spending habits. Some economists estimate that families will see an additional $300 dollars per month in expense thanks to inflationary prices. That amounts to $1.73 per hour in earnings just to pay for the added costs. We are seeing more families requesting crisis and food assistance. I am hopeful that prices will begin to fall soon.

The COVID-19 Pandemic did teach us that we can accomplish many things through the use of electronic media. We will continue to look at technology as a way to increase service delivery options.

Some of our local grants come available in the summer months. Community Foundations, United Ways and Foundation grants are very important to our work. These resources will be evaluated in hopes that we can compete for some of those dollars.

The weather is heating up as temperatures are already in the upper 90s. Please take precautions during these hot days.

Dick Sievers
Executive Director


Head Start/Early Head Start

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Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc. is a Community Action Agency. While many of you know this, our state and federal level systems may not be familiar to you.

The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 created a system of Community Action Agencies nationwide. Mid-Sioux was created in 1965 with employment services being the focus. Primary funding came directly from the federal government through the Community Services Administration. That funding was eliminated in 1982 and replaced with a block grant to the states called the Community Services Block Grant. That block grant system exists today.

There are 16 Community Action Agencies in Iowa and over 900 nationwide. Each agency is different. Most are private non-profits which means donations to us are tax deductible. Services vary depending on the individual agency. Mid-Sioux provides Child Care Resource & Referral services and most other CAAs do not.

We have a state association called the Iowa Community Action Association. This entity helps to provide training to our group and serves as a voice with elected officials. At the national level we have the National Community Action Foundation which serves as a liaison with federal elected officials (Congress). The National Community Action Partnership is the training and education entity for CAAs across the U.S.

Being a part of the Community Action network is very important. We have a voice in the political arena and we have the opportunity for training which is relevant to the services we provide.

Administratively this is very beneficial as we can share in costs related to our work and assist each other in providing efficient services to families.

Thank you for your part in supporting our Community Action network.


Ida County Outreach Office

We are currently taking applications for past-due rent or utility assistance as well as past-due water bills. We can also assist with Head Start and Early Head Start applications and are still taking applications for next school year. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Although summer is just getting underway, we are already preparing for our Back to School program! We will once again be providing income-eligible families a backpack as well as some supplies to start the school year. These items will be dispersed to families in August. Letters have been sent out to potential sponsors and families in Ida County. If you know of a family that could use some assistance, send them our way to complete an application.

We are able to provide some supplies along with a backpack to families for approximately $30/child. The feedback received in past years from the families as well as the schools has been quite positive. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a child in need this year, please contact our Central Office at 1-800-859-2025 and ask to speak to Laura.


Annual Meeting Service Awards

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  • 5 to 25 years of service for employees
  • Richard Hatz Scholarship Award
    • Jori Harskamp
    • Katelynn March
  • Outstanding Partnerships
    • Robert Gotto
    • Phil Horstman
    • Wendy DeVos
    • Robin Mulder
    • Cortevga Agri Science
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Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc. is a not-for-profit Community Action Agency established in 1965 to fight poverty at a local level by assisting low-income families in Northwest Iowa to become self-sufficient.

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