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Our mission is to guide child care programs to improve financial practices and optimize resources that benefit children, families and their business.


Business Library

The Child Care Collaborative of Iowa’s Business Library has a variety of topics covering management, human resources and financial topics. The topics are available in both .pdf and video formats to help everyone understand the content. Click on the format that best meets your learning style.


A collection of guides that cover how relief funding affects your taxes, tax preparation strategies, and other important topics.


  Depreciation: What is depreciation?

  Pay Increase: Pay Increases and Payroll Taxes

  Payroll: Salary Exempt vs Non-Exempt

  Prorating Costs: What You Need to Know

  Tax Credits: What tax credits are available for group center and family child care businesses?

  Tax Deduction: Maximizing Your Tax Deductions - Employing Your Child

  Tax Prep: How do I prepare my business for tax season?

  Taxes: Child Care Tax Opportunities - Transportation and Food Costs

  Taxes: Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)

  Taxes: Health Expense - How can I make health expenses tax deductible?

  Taxes: Self-Assessing Taxes Online

  Taxes: Tax Considerations for Selling Your Home

  Time-Space Calculation: What is time-space calculation?


Resources for managing your business finances, including how to create a budget and a cash flow forecast, set your rates, and more.


  Capital: Can I get a loan to support my business?

  Finance: Are you managing your cash flow?

  Finance: Monthly Budgeting

  Finance: What are Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets?

  Financial Relationships: Building Financial Relationships

  Insurance: Why do I need liability insurance and how does it help me?

  Paying Yourself: A Guide for Sole Proprietors

  Startup Costs: Child Care Business Startup Costs and Taxes

Federal & State Funding

Federal and state governments are offering funding to help child care businesses navigate the pandemic and its aftermath. Learn how this money can be spent, how it affects your taxes, and more.


  COVID Relief: COVID-19 Relief Spending

  Employer Tax Credit: Tax Credit for Employer-Provided Child Care Facilities and Services

  Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Attracting & Retaining Staff

Information on how to attract the best talent and how to offer compensation and benefits that will keep them satisfied.


  Handbook for Employees: How can I set up an employee handbook?

  Hiring: Finding Talent

  Hiring Announcement: Creating a Three-Part Job Announcement

  Staff Benefits: Which staff benefits are right for my business?

  Staff Classification: Classifying Staff - Contractors or Employees

  Staff Pay: Financially Invest in Your Staff with Temporary Pay Increases or Bonuses

  Stress: How can I reduce stress for myself and my employees?

Business Operations

These guides cover the basics that you need to know in order to keep your child care business running smoothly.


  Banking: Opening a Business Bank Account

  Bookkeeping: Basic Bookkeeping

  Business Plan: Creating an Annual One-Page Business Plan

  CACFP: What is the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)?

  CCMS: What is a Child Care Management System (CCMS) and how do I choose one?

  Contract: Part 1 - How do I create a contract for child care services?

  Contract: Part 2 - Creating a Family Handbook

  Contract: Part 3 - How do I implement my child care services contract?

  Contract Partners: Contracts with Other Businesses

  Enrollment: The Essential Steps for Managing Enrollment

  Incorporation: Should I incorporate my child care business?

  Rates: How do I set rates for my child care business?

  Recordkeeping: How can I set up a recordkeeping system?

  Retirement: Part 1 - Why have a retirement plan?

  Retirement: Part 2 - How do I choose the right retirement plan?

  Retirement: Part 3 - How can I maximize my savings?

  Technology Resources: Technology and Automation Resources for Child Care Businesses

  Time Management: How do I manage my time effectively?

  Tuition Assistance: How do I develop a tuition assistance policy?

  Website Tools: Building Your Own Website with Free or Low-Cost Online Tools

  Year End: How can I get my business ready for a New Year?

Growth & Sustainability

A collection of guides that cover everything you ned to know about marketing and growing your child care program.


  Expansion: Is it time to grow your business?

  Marketing: How Can I create an effective sales and marketing plan?

Stabilize and Grow your Business

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Guide child care programs to improve financial practices and optimize resources that benefit children, families and their business.

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